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How to find if CISCO router use PPPoE or PPPoA


Im having difficulty understanding when to use PPPoE and PPPoA and how it applies to the physical interfaces,

for example,  i have a cisco 800 series router which has a RJ11 connector

and in the running config , the RJ11 interface is refereed to as ATM0 ,

as per my understanding, if i configure a dialer interface then it has to be attached to ATM0 interface which will use PPPoA (please correct me if im wrong)

on the other hand , my ADSL router (D-LINK) has a RJ11 port as well and in it's config it show only PPPoE ,

so im confused how to determine if a device use PPPoE or PPPoA ? does it depend on the physical interface/port eg - RJ11 or RJ45 Ethernet ?

really appreciate any help , thanks

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It's about the protocol used

It's about the protocol used on xDSL interface (e.g. outer phone line interface). Your ISP provide either PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) or PPPoA (PPP over ATM) on it. You must just follow provider's specification. It's nothing you can select.

By the way, you are asking in wrong community, so expect no further responses here. Please move this thread to more appropriate community.

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Thanks Dan

Thanks Dan

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