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How to hide my private network?

My customer has a single router connecting to branches via COINs network, and beneath the router there's a layer-2 switch for the connection of their private LAN (servers, terminals); apparently now he don't want the branches private LAN IP to be seen by the others, he want a static NAT, which is possible to be done on the router side. But the problem is the router is off the other vendor and the customer want us to think of other solution, from what I know, a layer-2 switch (cisco 2950) can't do this, if I added in a layer-3 switch, and do some static NAT, supposely I'd required to introduce a new range of IP to the COINs network aint it? and all the users that need to connect the the private LAN need to add in the new router to the new segment.

Am i on the right path? Customer just don't allow us to do things on the router, he want us to find the solution from the switch end. Any helps will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: How to hide my private network?

anyone here can help?

Re: How to hide my private network?

So, basically your customer wants you to provide layer 3 services in a layer 2 device?

Not sure if this will be possible.


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Re: How to hide my private network?

As you mentioned you will have to use a L3 switch. If you can not do modifications on the router, the other way is to do a PAT on the L3 switch. I am unable to understand why do you need to introduce new IP addresses.

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