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How to limit bandwidth


Can someone tell me how to limit bandwidth and by which means?

What is difference between rate-limit nad police command in other means ...whats the difference between MCQ (QoS) and rate limit.

How to limit bandwidth on layers 2 (based on mac address). Can we use limit bandwidth feature in polymap situation.

It seems the abocve discussion is mixture..just need help to sort out the ways to implement. Thanks


Re: How to limit bandwidth

use your favourite search engine and look for "cisco QoS SRND"

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How to limit bandwidth

Cisco Support Community is done by volunteers by labor of love.

QoS is complex subject, it is better you do some research on your own to understand it.

If you need to implement something specific, please provide your issue and someone might be able to reply to your problem with a solution.

How to limit bandwidth


As well said by the other contributors (rizwanr74 and Andrew Price) overall QoS is not something that can be covered into a forum post.

However to reply to your question MQC allow complex QoS policies (like nested policies) when compared with Legacy QoS (like rate-limit command, which you apply on a interface basis).

MQC (Modular QoS CLI) is by far the most adopted  CLI by the vast majority of users, as it offers advanced capabilities  such as configuration of traffic policing at three levels of policy map  hierarchies.

The legacy CLI offers only a reduced set of the  functionalities that MQC offers, and Cisco has always maintained both  CLIs at parity to allow early users to seamlessly upgrade their Cisco  IOS Software.

Because of the low usage of the legacy CLI, and  given that MQC is recognized as the most complete CLI for configuration  of QoS on its equipment, Cisco has reached the decision to deprecate the  legacy CLI for QoS.

I found that somebody else asked the same question, but in a more specific way:

I hope this is a start point. Feel free to use and google search engine for materials to learn QoS.



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