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How to NAT

I have a cisco router at my gateway.My internet bandwidth is terminated on it.I have 2 servers in my LAN which i want to access from outside. For this i have statically NATed them using a public IP at router.Now i also want to allow my internal host (with local IPs) to acccess internet. For this can i define one more nat too ?? In this scenario my two interfaces of router i.e Internal and Exteranl will be having both IP NAT INSIDE and IP NAT OUTSIDE statement.Will it serve the purpose ?


Re: How to NAT

inteface F0/0

description Internet interface

ip address

ip nat outside

interface F0/1

description LAN interface

ip address

ip nat inside

access-list 100 permit ip any

ip nat inside source list 100 interface F0/0 overload

ip nat inside source static tcp 3389 interface FastEthernet0/0 3389

ip nat inside source static tcp 22 interface FastEthernet0/0 22

Easy right?

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Re: How to NAT

The IP nat inside will be configured over the WAN interface for incomming traffic from internet and IP nat Outside should be configured over your ethernet or LAN interface connected for out going interface from LAN.

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Re: How to NAT

Better u creat a pool of ip for ur lan Ussage.

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Re: How to NAT

Pooled mode is nother option it uses hosts in the private network thst use a pool op public addresses that are available for x number of hosts


Pool of 3 addresses

Once the first available id takne then the NAT table allocates the next ip address in the pool for the user until the address is relinquished

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