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How to route?

I want to configure the RouterA to make all traffics go to will eventually pass through the RouterB to reach the subnet. Between RouterA and RouterB, there are multiple hops, which are all out of my control. Am I able to do it?


Re: How to route?

Hi There

It is not very clear to me from your posting exactly what you are trying to achieve.

You state that you want to configure Router A to send all traffic to the IP address Is this IP address assigned to a remote routers interface, directly connected to Router A?

Or is this IP address on assigned to an interface on Router B?

If the IP address is assigned to a remote routers interface directly connected to Router A, then you can configure a static deafult route to send all traffic to this address.

However if the IP address is assigned to an interface on Router B, then IMHO the answer would be No, this would not be possible as there are multiple routers between Router A and Router B which are outside of your control, unless these routers are all under the control of a single entity (SP) and the (SP) would configure static routes for you to get all traffic from router A to pass through router B.

However this would not be an easy topology to support and troubleshoot.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Best regards,


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