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How to Tag Traffic for QoS


I need to tag or mark different types of traffic for priority or QoS, (i attach my Scheme) i need three types of Tags that i already have configured in both switchs and the access point, Tag "63" for voice, Tag "26" for Signalling and Tag "0" for all other traffic. I don't have a clear idea how to do it, i will be glad with some help.



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Re: How to Tag Traffic for QoS

"How", is very dependent on your equipment. From the tags you mention, I would guess they are DSCP markings, with the VoIP ones being set by the VoIP devices. Often L3 ToS is passed end-to-end unless a L3 device, or devices, modify it. Also often, L3 devices might not, by default, provide any different handling of such tagged traffic.

At the L2 level, if the device supports it, you often need to work with L2 CoS, often mapping up/down from L3 ToS. L2 devices often have to be explicitly configured to support CoS and also configured what to do with the markings. (L2 features are often much less capable than L3 features.)

In general you should consult the documentation for your devices to see what they support with regard to QoS with the goal to send queued outbound voice bearer packets/frames first, insure voice signally packets/frames are neither dropped nor delayed too much, and treat all other traffic "best effort".

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