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Howto restrict isdn (failed) dialout attempts or call duration in ios?


Is there a possibility in ios to set a max for call-failures and call duration?

I`m using Dialer-Profiles & Dialer-Maps for ISDN Out-of-Band management (cisco 1712 via Bri) to other cisco isdn sites.

Problem: If there is any kind of problem at the remote site and for instance a permanent ping to this site causes hundrets of (failed) isdn calls, this could be very expensive...

Is there any kind of possibility in ios to set a "max call attempts" command for outgoing calls and to restrict a successful established connection to a "max duration connection time"?

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Re: Howto restrict isdn (failed) dialout attempts or call durati

There are a couple of things you can do.

For the max number of calls you can set the dialer to something like this

Router (config-if)#dialer max-call #   <-- this will specify max number of calls

You can set idle timers too

Router (config-if)#dialer idle-timeout #  <-- this will specify the idle timeout before disconnecting the call

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Re: Howto restrict isdn (failed) dialout attempts or call durati

Hi engagerocks!

In our case it is not so important how much "max calls" at the same time are established.

-> Important is to restrict the unwanted call attempts/failures and max duration to prohibit unnessesary costs...

"dialer idle-timeout" are still configured but this will not force disconnection until the client stops its permanent ping..

The following command partial helps at "layer 2".

router(config-if)#dialer redial interval 5 attempts 5 re-enable 5

But If for example the ppp authentication (pap chap) fails, this command is also noneffective, because the dial-attempt was successfull and the redail command starts counting from scratch...


MS-Client pings to another location via ISDN, permanent: e.g. c:\ ping -t

How to stop this (client) / Dial-out Router from trying to dialin-out again and again if the remote router is not available/authentication fails/other issues?

How to force disconnection, if the call is established successfully but ony e.g. max 30 minutes are designated?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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