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HSRP failover testing

Our company bought another 6509 switch and like to implement HSRP at our 2 core switches, I setup a test lab before configuring it on our real network. Please take a look at our network topology as attached: We have 2 routers which are used for WAN connectivitity, they are already running HSRP.

All the servers are configured with IP range and

After I finished configuring HRSP on our C1 and C2, and I like to do a HSRP failover testing to make sure it work. When I issue the command "shutdown" on interface VLAN1 of C1, servers from can still reach servers in, but not able to reach any more. When I issued command "no shutdown" on the interface VLAN1 of C1, everything back to normal, which is, servers can reach and servers from another subnet.

In the C1 and C2, I configured port which is connected with R1 and R1 as "switchport access vlan 100" and tested; ports which is for inter-connection between C1 and C2 as trunk port and tested.

I posted my configuration as attached (only HSRP and routing part of the configuration are presented), please help me to find out where is the problem?



Re: HSRP failover testing

hi, in the vlan interface of core 2 switch, i could notice that the priority is missing, only the priority is set only on the core 1 & not on core 2, so try adding that priority 109 in core 2 & also on core 1 switch the command is standby 2 ip where as in core 2 switch it is standby 24 ip actualy it shoud be the same on both the switch of the vlan interface. try this & lemme know the result

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Re: HSRP failover testing

Standby priority is not what you are missing as suggested from the other poster. The default priority is 100 so it's working as intended with R1 having priority of 110.

What you are missing is the standby preempt on R2. Please enter

standby 100 preempt

on R2 and that should do it.

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Re: HSRP failover testing


I ran into this issue a few years ago when setting up HSRP. When I used shutdown, all the connectivity out either router stopped. I ended up having to just reload each MSFC to test. I am not sure if the 'shutdown' is passed through to the virtual interface or what but it it hosed HSRP when I did it.

I brought this to the attention of Cisco at the time since it was an open case with them and since the documents on testing HSRP seem to imply unplugging connections to test (not an option with MSFCs).

It might be related to this statement on this doc:

"Note In a redundant supervisor engine setup, if an interface on one MSFC is shutdown, the matching VLAN interface on the redundant MSFC will stop forwarding packets. Therefore, you should manually shut down the matching interface on the redundant MSFC."

(at least I suspect it was the case with my issue)

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