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HSRP - Fault Tolrance


So I want to create comething fault tolerant like this (Although I want the computer to connect to two switches that each connect the the next two switches that connect to two routers, but for now I only put one).

I am under the impression that all these computers will use the same default gateway, for example

So if C5 (Vlan 1) goes to it will follow through r4 to e1/1 which has

int e1/1.2 encapsulation dot1q 2 ip address

if R4 is down, it will fo.llow the green path through R6 to e1/2 whick in my opinion should have because if it didn't then when one switch fails C5 wont be able to get to the other network interface.

the problem is when I try

int e1/2.2 encapsulation dot1q 2 ip address

it says that it conflicts with that subnet. And I think I understand that each network interface neets its own subnet. But I want to create one virtual gateway of using HSRP. This way every computer can access no matter which router is running, or what interface it is connecting to. Right now I am only finding the way of making 2 virtual gateways one for each interface.

If C4 is forced to use the second router and connects to the other interface then the only gateway it can reach would not be the gateway set in its defult gateway. Is there a way around this? Maybe the pc can use multiple gateway or have a secondary gateway?

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