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hsrp over 2 sites


i have 2 sites linked on the external interfaces by a 10Mb circuit

in each site i have a hsrp cluster which is working fine BUT when i enable the link between site A & site B i get problems and hsrp drops, comes up, drops etc

i've tied the issue down to an acl but i have a query

i want the cluster on site A to be the main cluster so i'm planning to use the standby priority and set them to

site A 120 & 115

site B 110 & 105

is this a feasible solution to ensuring that site A, while it is up, remains as the primary site

sorry if this is a bit vague but its a lot more complex involving BGP on the outside and no site to site link on the internal interfaces ( i may have to use different hsrp group for this?)

thanks to anyone taking the time to read this or who makes the effort to respond

greatly appreciated

ps - any good hsrp design guides links would also be appreciated


Re: hsrp over 2 sites

For connectivity you can use any dynamic routing protocol, not just BGP. Don't know if other are option as well. HSRP is basically a LAN technology.

HSRP on both sides if on the same media should use separate group numbers.



Re: hsrp over 2 sites

If all your 4 routers require to present a single redundant next-hop, one HSRP group is fine. HSRP requires the media to be a broadcast domain.


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