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HSRP with static route

Dear all,

I recently do a testing on the HSRP for router redundancy. In the configuration, I use a static route for the routing instated of using EIGRP or OSPF for the routing protocol.

The problem is, I can achive router redundancy by using the OSPF and EIGRP as the routing protocol. However, when I use static route, I can't achive router redundancy. It just can't work.

My question is, can we use static route for the router redundancy?



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Re: HSRP with static route


There are several options to consider, but you should be able to use static routes for router redundancy.

First I believe that we need to clarify what are your objectives. When you say redundancy I am not clear whether you want both routes in the routing table sharing traffic and if one route fails that the surviving route will carry all the traffic or whether you want 1 route to be in the table carrying traffic and if it fails the other route will be put into the table to provide an alternate path. Both can be achieved with static routes (and you really have the same choice with OSPF or EIGRP).

If you want 2 routes in the table carrying traffic then you just configure the 2 static routes each with its own unique next hop address. This will put both routes into the routing table. And if one route fails it should be removed from the routing table and the surviving route will carry all of the traffic. Note that depending on whether the next hop address is on a LAN interface or a serial interface you may need to use the feature of Reliable Static Routing Backup with Object Tracking. This link should give you information to get started:

Or if you want 1 active static route and the second static route only as a backup then you configure the first static route normally. Then you configure the second static route as a Floating Static Route. In a floating static route you configure the static route with an administrative distance higher than the normal AD for static routes. An example might look like this:

ip route

ip route 250

In this example the first static route is normal and the AD of the second static is 250. A similar comment about the possibility of using Object Tracking if the next hop is a LAN interface should be made here.



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