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HWIC-3G cards and latency

Hi all,

I'm looking for some info from people who have deployed these types of cards. We have need for a wireless backup on a 2801 router that terminates a T1, but does not have Cable or DSL in the area. We tested a satellite link, but the latency is over 1200ms and is basically unusable.

The location in question has 2 Sprint towers in the area, one less then a half mile away. We are looking for latency under the 400ms mark as they do some VoIP between locations. They understand there would be quality issues, but as long as they are within reason it is acceptable as a backup.

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Re: HWIC-3G cards and latency

You should consult with your Cisco account team, specifically your support engineer. They can help you with design related questions.

Steve Lyons - Cisco

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Re: HWIC-3G cards and latency

It depends on the network providing the 3G services some and the reception at your location,as for the card it will work well if you configure it right.

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