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HWIC-8A Serial to IP Communication

Hello All,

Hopefully someone can provide me with some configuration examples for my problem. I have a few Cisco 2811 Routers and each one contains an HWIC-8A card with a HD8 Kit (Cable) attached to it. From this cable there are 8 lines with RJ-45 connectors into a 25 pin Modem. This 25 pin connectors are physically attached to various serial devices. I have configured the TTY lines that connect to these devices in the following way:

line tty 18 25

speed 9600

databits 8

stopbits 1

parity none

exec-timeout 0 0

transport input all

transport output all

I have also configured a loopback interface for the router so I am essentially configuring my router to work part time as a terminal server. Here is my issue we have software that communicates to these devices such as to send commands. The way we do this is we send our data to the loopback address and the port number associated with the tty line. So our loopback address might be 10.XXX.X.X and our port number something like 40XX. Our software runs on a PC connected to a networked switch. When we send commands they get to the device and the device does what its told and sends a reply. Communication is fine this way. The problem is that we have other devices located on other routers that are attached to the HWIC-8A card and I need to establish communication between the serial devices over ethernet. So basically when one of our serial devices starts talking the router will forward it to the proper ip and port address. We have done similar things with serial to IP media converters where you configure the media converter with a Remote IP and Port address as well as a Local IP and Port Address and you do the same thing to the other media converter this way when your serial device begins talking all that data is forwarded from the media converter the remote IP and port configured in the device. Any help is appreciated.


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