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HWIC in 2811

HWIC is layer-II device i am using in 2811 i want to convert this to layer-III so i can assign ip address on ports. no Switchport cmd is also not working. i am trying to creat vlan but could not enter in vlan database. using 12.4 advance security IOS.

I want layer-III interafce for LAN?? please advice what 2811 supports in this module?? i tried using NM2FE2W but to no avail....its not compatible i think...yellow link blinks and then goes off......

please advise...



Re: HWIC in 2811


If you want an additional ethernet module, you can use the HWIC-1FE (the min IOS required though is 12.4(11) XJ)

HWIC-16ESW is also supported on the 2811 which gives you 16 ports and can be configured for VLAN interfaces

The 2811 also supports the NM-16ESW module

Have a look at the 2800 data sheet for the supported modules for your needs

HTH, rate if it does


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Re: HWIC in 2811


beside Narayn's good advice, there is no need to create use vlan database commands, just configure interface vlan X and assign the needed ports to it.

What does it mean the switchport command doesn't work? Please be more specific.

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Re: HWIC in 2811

I created VLAN but interface status showing down. secondly i want to use that interface for GRE/IPSEC.

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Re: HWIC in 2811

Config and show interface please ?

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Re: HWIC in 2811

hi aziz,

Advanced security IOS i belive shudn't hinder you from entering VLAN Database.

Nevertheless, you can:

1. create a vlan using " int vlan x"

2. Assing the FE switch port using "switch port access vlan X"

3. Connect that switch port to a router

4. sh ip int brief, you can see the port is up as well the VLAN X.


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Re: HWIC in 2811

IPSEC/GRE may have issue on HWIC port, as it have limited functionality.You may test it out.

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