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I am running 64 bit windows 7 Professional on the client computer

The Router is SA540 version  SA540-K9

On Windows XP I can use Fire Fox or Internet Explorer to login and make an SSL Connection

On 32 bit Windows 7 I get "browser not supported" when I try to log in using Internet Explorer but it works fine with FireFox.

64 bit Windows 7 is another story.  I get "browser not supported" when I try to log so no help there. Same thing happens when I open the 64 bit version of internet explorer from program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe (as apposed to the program files (x86) folder.

Also same thing happens whether I open IE as administrator or not.

On that 64 bit Windows 7 computer I can log with FireFox but nothing happens when I try to connect to the VPN (no request to install, not error message, nothing.)

I wrote a program using a Webbrower control (which I distribute to my users so they don't accidentally disconnect themselves which works fine on XP, Vista and 32-bit Windows 7. I can log but when try to connect to the VPN (after I accept the installation prompt) I get the following error.

   Line250:   Char 1

   Error Obect required 'VPLaunch1'

   Code 0

   URL https://(my router IP)/scgi-bin/userPortal/sslvpnclient64?launch=true&ie64bit=true

I tried to install Windows-2005 VC++ 64-bit version  but the I get the program is not a valid 32 bit program (Yes I know but the OS is 64 bit!) I can install the Windows-2005 VC++ 32-bit version.

On internet explorer options I have enabled every option possible under security for both Internet and Trusted Sites. I added my router's external IP address to sites under trusted sites.

I have set the following

- Enable Enhanced Protection Mode (and rebooted)
- Set use Software rendering instead of GPU Rendering (and rebooted)
- Removed all add-ons
- Deleted all Internet Temporary files
- Set home page to About:blank
-Turned Internet Explorer off in Program Options --> rebooted and turned it back on

- Did a clean boot (no non Microsoft programs running). No help.


There must be some other setting I am missing to get this machine to work.

Please help.


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Rather than using the web

Rather than using the web browser, could the users just start the AnyConnect client directly?

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p.dath thanks for your

p.dath thanks for your response but I do not have AnyConnect and it appears I need a service contract to get this. I can make the connection using Shrew Soft but it is very unstable. If AnyConnect uses the same Ispec connection I assume I will have the same instability.  So I really need to get the SSLVPN connection to work.

I know there is a way to get this to work but I just can't figure out what setting to use.

I am working on 2 identical computers with the same hardware, software and OS. On one, after a lot of playing I got it to work. In my attempt to figure out what settings got it going I started to reset everything back to its default settings (including removing Enhanced Protection Mode, compatability settings. The only thing I left was my URL in trusted sites. All kept allowing me to make my connection so I have no idea what I did (or what update got installed) that allowed me to get it all to to work.

I also use a program utilizing Webbrowser to make my connection. Again, this works on one machine and does not on the other.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my SSLVPN to work?

I really don't want to have to move to a new VPN router just because newer versions of Internet Explorer is giving me trouble.


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Are you using the latest

Are you using the latest firmware,

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No I am using but this does not explain why i can get a connection on one machine and not the other. Since can get me a connection it would appear it is a setting on Windows 7

Any other suggestions? Thanks

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I'm just wondering if the

I'm just wondering if the newer version might have improved compatibility, which might help resolve your issue.

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Thanks for that suggestion but before I try something that will prevent access to all users I would prefer to find the setting in Windows 7.

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