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I need a new FAN for my PIX506e

Cisco has been noting but a pain here.

I have an OUT OF WARRENTY Pix 506e router, works fine, BUT the fan is now buzzing with age, this can not be a part worth more then $20/$30!

simple problem, or should I go to radio shack and fix it myself!

But Cisco says the only way I can get this part is to pay for a service contract! this is NUTS! there lame sales pressure is putting me in a postion. if I am going to pay that much for a contract, I might as well go with a product that is made by anyone BUT cisco. this is not how you treat a customer who has purchaces hundred's of Cisco products a year

anyone know where to get this part? anyone know of a vedor that can help me. Cisco is well on my Naughty List for XMas. there is no reason I should have to spend 6 hours by a vendor just to get told to get bent!

ohh and I forgot to mention, I called about 5 of there resellers in the Detroit meto area, and NONE of the numbers work. so I am double jepordey.

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Re: I need a new FAN for my PIX506e

You may not be able to find an exact match. But if you have the measurements and electrical characteristics, you can probably find something similar for $10 on,, etc...

Re: I need a new FAN for my PIX506e

Hi Focalpoint,

Have you ever got a chance to work with Nortel or Avaya for that matter? If not try it and I can vouch on the fact that there is no other vendor which is as reliable and customer friendly as Cisco Systems is, Period.

Secondly, I wonder who is your Cisco Reseller, you must grab his collar and get this thing done. If have given them a good business in the past or if you have a potential of being good business, I'm sure that the Reseller might even replace your PIX for free!!

I have had worked with Cisco Premium, Silver and Gold Partners and we have gon extra ordinary lengths to gain customer and brand name for Cisco.

Finally, the way Cisco conducts business is rather indirect and through the Resellers / Partners and doesn't encourage direct business from end customers.

If you have any difficulty finding partners / resllers, you should you try to use the Partner Locater on the

I hope that helps,

Kind Regards,

Wilson Samuel

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