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I need help

Our client is a Cable Operator which also supplies Internet to its cable subscribers. They have also some enterprise clients on which they also redistribute the Public IPs. Basically, they will be like a mini-ISP on which they will also be selling Public IPs. From the ISP (example PLDT), they are will be getting internet plus PUBLIC IPs to be redistributed to the Cable Operator clients.

Now the existing router which is a Cisco 1840, they are connected to two ISP, one through serial interface the other through fast ethernet. They are using IOS version 12.4(1c).

1. Is it possible to load balance using this router?

2. If not, what hardware or software replacement must we propose to them?

3. What PROTOCOLs or command will we use for load balancing?

Other questions:

1. Can we use IOS NAT Load-Balancing with Optimized Edge Routing for Two Internet Connections?

2. Can this support the redistribution of Public IPs? Public IPs from ISP 1 and Public ISP 2?

3. Using BGP for load balancing (load sharing), will this be possible?

4. Using BGP, do we need to coordinate the ISP and make them reconfigure their routers that is in point-to-point with the Cable Operators router?

5. Does Cisco 1841 IOS ADVANCED SECURITY support BGP?

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Re: I need help

Hi, from the questions you make, seems like you do not have the experience nor the qualifications needed to positively assess your customer, recommend you hire a reputable consultant for the job.

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Re: I need help

Seriously, Paolo is a very capable consultant.

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Re: I need help

Thanks, but I wasn't advertising myself.

I'm sorry to be blunt sometime, but when you mix BGP, load balancing, the need for professional and reliable service, you cannot really keep a do it yourself approach. From that my recommendation.

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