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i need the right router.....can you help me???

Hi everyone

im building a solution for saving cost in cellular calls. For this, i have several GSM gateways (converts incoming calls in VoIP into GSM cellular calls)

each GSM gateway has a different IP number and can manage up to 30 simultaneous calls with a 2Mbps link. My problem, is how to manage more than one gateway.

I want to have several gateways in different locations...i need a router that can manage the incoming VoIP calls and distribute them into the different gateways.

For example...if i have 20 incoming calls, i need that the router distribute 10 calls to gateway 1 and 10 calls to gateway 2.

I found the Cisco CSS11500 family that is a load balance router...but i dont know if this router works for my proyect

thanks a lot for your answers and suggestions...


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Re: i need the right router.....can you help me???

GSM cellular phones use a codec specifically designed for low-bandwidth, lower power consumption. There are two modes of this codec: GSM-FR and GSM-EFR. The FR codec provides the default codec used normally if the higher fidelity EFR codec either is not available at the other endpoint or if the codec negotiation falls back to GSM-FR. Prior to Cisco CallManager 3.1, IP phones has no access to GSM codecs, neither directly nor through transcoders. Therefore, whenever an enterprise GSM phone user wanted to talk to an IP phone when inside the enterprise buildings, the call had to be hairpinned through an AS5300 gateway for transcoding. While this allowed a connection, its implementation was costly, and the call was subject to low quality due to multiple transcoding legs. Cisco CallManager 3.1 implements GSM-FR and -EFR codecs in the Catalyst 6608-T1 and E1 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) services cards. All eight segments on these cards can be configured as transcoder resources conference bridges or trunk gateways. A call from a GSM phone may be made through a transcoder or conference bridge directly to an IP phone or directly to the WS-6608 segment configured as a trunk gateway. Cisco CallManager 3.1 administration interface supports plans for implementation in a low-cost standalone gateway at a later release.

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Re: i need the right router.....can you help me???

i am working on it...and in my test the problem of the multiple conversion is solved with a compression card in my gateway....i have tested, and it works.

But...i still have the problem of the routing....i cant test it because i dont have any router...i need to buy one, but i want to buy the right one...

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