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iBGP with Backup eBGP

Hello Everybody,

I have a special Network Architecture , where i have a stable and realiable wirless Network That works in Layer2 and this is my main Network to connect my remote location to the Hub, and at the same time i have an IP VPN over MPLS Network using BGP from ISP to connect those locations as a backup.

so my questions are:

1- Can I use both links (direct one to one) through wireless and BGP through provider to share the load?and how?

2- If it's not posible can i make my direct connection is the main with automated backup with BGP ? and how?



iBGP with Backup eBGP


1- this one depends on the application you are running and if you are using routing on both links then you could do it but you need to do testing and verify if this works with your application, wireless, ..etc

2- this is easy part all what you need to do is to have routing to be runing on both links and make th eroute LAN network to be preferred over one link/routing and the othe rone will be as a backup

in the case of link failure the convergence time will be dependant on the routing protocol timers where you can adjusted as desired for quicker convergence time if it is critical

hope this help

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