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IGX 8400 Enable/Disable Frame Relay

When I want to use upln command for "6 UFM BVC E1D AE Standby " card on IGX 8400, I get "Frame Relay is not available". It means Frame is not enabled on the IGX. While I am SuperUser, I can not run cnfswfunc command in order to enable Frame Relay. How can I make enable Frame Relay? Is there any other user to make it? If so, I can not have any other user/passwd. How do I solve this problem?


Re: IGX 8400 Enable/Disable Frame Relay


You need Service user AND another password to enable frame-relay with cnfswfunc. This is not given to customers by default, as those features have to be purchased.

As SuperUser you could try dspswfunc to see the current settings.

Also be aware, that clrcnf and clrallcnf do reset those software features to factory default. DO NOT execute those commands, because you are not able to enable the features again. The only realistic option for a production network I see is to contact your Cisco partner or account manager to get those features again.

They are stored in the config file, so in case you have a config with enabled features you could reload it. Be aware, however, that "config save and restore" is also one of those features, which could be disabled after "clrcnf" ... which means you could hit a solid wall there.

Regards, Martin

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