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In need of getting a Catalyst 4500 tested.

I'm hoping that I am not intruding here, but I have a Catalyst 4500 Supervisor V-10GE plug-in unit that I am not able to test for functionality

and would like to know where I could get this unit checked out to make sure it is a good unit.  My intention is to eventally sell the unit but

wanted to make sure it is in good working order before doing so.  I am willing to pay a nominal fee for the service as well & would hope also

that I could take it personally to a place in central NC area.  If anyone has an idea, please to let me know, it would be better to send me a note

via email ( since I may not get back to this board very often.  Thanks.

Product ID:#WS-X4516-10GE=  Rev:-HO

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Re: In need of getting a Catalyst 4500 tested.

Actually, this is a WS-X4013 card.   The box & static bag was marked with the other, but apparently there was a trade-out made at some point.

Sorry for the mis-ID.

Re: In need of getting a Catalyst 4500 tested.

I'm sorry to tell you that the WS-X4013 is one of the old CatOS-based Supervisor II cards, which is now obsolete.  It was intended for the old Cat4006 chassis, and is generally being swapped out when poeple upgraded to the Cat4500 series with PoE etc.  The Cat4500 series uses the IOS-based WS-X4013+ instead.

Kevin Dorrell


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