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New Member

Incorporating EIGRP within an OSPF Network

I have 7 Routers.


All the interfaces of each Router are running OSPF except one interface.


One of the interfaces on Router7 I configured for EIGRP.


I CANNOT ping that EIGRP interface though.


Should I be able to?










Hello, if the EIGRP interface

Hello, if the EIGRP interface is not configured to be advertised in the OSPF domain then no, you should not be able to. Most likely not being advertised if its not enabled for OSPF.

Look to see if you see routes to that particular network and examine the routing tables.

Then perhaps take a look at "redistribution" whereby you redistribute eigrp to ospf, so that OSPF learns about EIGRP routes/networks/interfaces.

Hope this helps

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New Member

When using a NETWORK

When using a NETWORK statement in my redistribution command, which Network am I using?


For example, I want to redistribute OSPF into EIGRP:


conf t

router eigrp 5

network X.X.X.X  <<<<<<<<<<<<< is the EIGRP's network or the network of the protocol i'm trying to redistribute INTO EIGRP?

redistribute ospf 6




If you are advertising the

If you are advertising the network using the network command then you are putting with the netwoek and wildcard mask, 

if you are advertising with redistributing command then it is as follows,

1) redistribute connected, it is redistributing the connected interfaces of the router and the loopbacks

2) if you are redistributing the ospf in to eigrp or vice versathen it will redistribute all the learnt networks of that process.

If you want to be sure that which networks should be redistributed then you may use access-list and vrfs.

Hope you understood, keep posted.



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Hello Josh,Completly agreed

Hello Josh,

Completly agreed with Bilal, need to add some points.

There are two ways of advertising the networks in protocols.

1) advertise network

2) redistribute them.

in your case since you are running two different protocols you need to redistribute ospf to eigrp and eigrp to ospf for end to en connectivity.

If you are looking in the case where you only need the eigrp interface of the router in which you are running both ospf and eigrp  needs to be able to reachable to ospf domain then you may go with redistribute connected in ospf in the same router. 

While redistributing connected, if you want only one interface you may also use route-map with access-list in to it.



"Please Rate All the Helpful posts"

Regards Thanveer "Everybody is genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is a stupid."