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Incorrect EIGRP redistribution

Can anyone tell me why I get different results when I redistribute static routes (learned through BGP) into EIGRP. I am filtering two external routes, one at a time, but the downstream router only shows the expected result on one route (AD=170) but not the other.

It is difficult to explain so I have attached the drawing and configurations and the results.

I am sure it is quite straight forward, but I simply cannot get both routes to redistribute the same. One works - the other does not.

Why is one route learned incorrectly?????


Re: Incorrect EIGRP redistribution

A couple of thing I see but I am unclear how this can happen with the configurations you posted.

In your show route file the main difference between the 2 is that is a EIGRP external route which means it was more than likely redistibuted in. The route is a EIGRP internal route.

Looking at your configs I cannot really see how either of these happen since the provided config show s a static for and it should be redistributed as a static and therefore be a exteral.

I cannot see how this gets in as a internal route.

The other issue is when you redistribute the BGP into EIGRP you did not specify a metric. Unless this was changed when you do this you get nothing redistributed. That does not explain how you got it into the table as a external in your sample since it must have come from someplace. Maybe you have a default EIGRP metric that you did not put in your posts.

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Re: Incorrect EIGRP redistribution

The reason is seen as an EIGRP internal route is that the static route is configured with a physical interface as the next hop and that you have a network statement covering this prefix under the EIGRP processon Taos.

The same does not happen with since there is no network statement on under the EIGRP process on Taos for this prefix. It is then redistributed via the "redistributed static" command.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Incorrect EIGRP redistribution

Yes this did help -thanks!

I had a major network statement at Taos (network which meant that both interfaces S0/0 & F0/0 were running the EIGRP process. When I replaced this network statement to include wildcard bits, and only F0/0 ran the EIGRP process, the downstream router then learned the route as external.

Thanks again!!

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