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Incrementing input errors and overrun only

I have a situation here whereby one of the serial connection(se0/1) which is bundle into a multilink is having incrementing input errors and overrruns. This is using an MPLS connection. The weird part is there is another same serial connection(se0/0) which has the same configuration an that guy is totally error free. I wonder why only this interface having this error and overrun. FYI, only this both elements are getting incremented and rest remains 0. NO CRCs are noticed/queue/abort/output errors/collison noticed. I escalated to the Telco and they checked their PE routers and found no errors. The problem is only coccuring at CE.

I read through cisco website and overrun is caused by "incapable of handing received data to a hardware buffer because the input rate exceeded the receiver's capability to handle the data" . Therefore, I tried tuning the buffer pool size for the middle size buffer and yet no changes occured. Does anyone have any suggestion/encountered similiar problem that manage to solve it?

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Re: Incrementing input errors and overrun only

have you tried looking into physical problem? such as cable, connectors, CE ports? try to isolates it first by changing into spares devices, cables and etc...

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Re: Incrementing input errors and overrun only

Yes, we are looking into swapping the serial connection to different port..thank you...i will let you know should it resolves the problem.

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