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Inject BGP Default Routes into Multiple VRF before Best Path Selection



I have the following setup:

Multiple Border Routers with eBGP sessions to external AS. We receive a default route from this multiple AS to keep the Table manageable. We noticed an important part of our traffic was been SW routed instead of CEF when we had the Full Internet table. Router Resources came to the ground when we changed to a default. 

Now I want to separate this default routes into different VRF. Attached is the Diagram. 

My question is,  the multiple default route all go into the BGP Table. The BGP table then select the best route and place it on the RIB and then to the FIB. 

I want to redistribute the different Route on the BGP table prior to the Best path selection algorithm and placed on the RIB. 

How can I achieve this?

Cisco Employee

 Hi,Redistribution of



Redistribution of multiple routes to same prefix is not possible. Even if you have configured BGP multipath and all different bgp routes got installed into routing table, during redistribution only route will be redistributed. 


Also would like to understand the requirement of redistributing multiple BGP routes in to IGP. As per your diagram, 3 different eBGP sessions are on three different routers, so you can prefer eBGP route over iBGP received from other routers and can distribute eBGP route to IGP from each router. Thus you will have three different default routes in to IGP in core.


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- Akash


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