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integreting mpls...iplc


i have 2 iplc links and 1 mpls link .all these cater to same location.

i plan to have a load balanced and fail over scenario.

can i assume per packet load sharing in this scenario?how??

is it possible i can run EIGRP on all the links and let it decide for itself for load sharing /balancing ??

thanks in advance...


Re: integreting mpls...iplc


I wont do or go for per packet load sharing if i have VOIP traffic in my network.

Also the latency you have between the locations on both IPLC and MPLS link.

Do u have any mission crticial appli. running which is time dealy sensitive ?

To make it simple i would suggest to add static route in the offpeak time and can observe the performance of applications and the behaviour of the accesiability .


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Re: integreting mpls...iplc

hi ,

right now im running the network on static routes only .

i needed to know is there a way i can make it a more managed in sense of using nay routing protocol .

i had plaaned to use IBGP on IPLC and Ebgp on MPLS.but the problwm is how do i divide the traffic between these two....

Kindly help

Re: integreting mpls...iplc


as pointed out per packet load sharing is not good for some applications because of packet reordering. Per session is default with CEF and generally advisable.

To get load sharing up and running you would need both pathes in the routing table. With a mixture of iBGP and eBGP this is difficult to achieve as BGP path selection will see different AS path lengths and therefore pick only one of the two into the routing table. Or you use policy based routing.

With an IGP you could have higher chances, but you have to make sure the routes are of same type (so both internal or both external) and have the same metric. The latter requirement can be overcome with EIGRP and variance.

Also be careful in conjunction with MPLS not to create routing loops.

Another option would be to setup two GRE tunnels, one through IPLC and one through MPLS network and route over those giving them equal metric. Just be aware that you might run into MTU and other issues with tunnels.

Hope this helps


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