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inter vlan configure in 3550 switch

how i can configure like this type of vlan communication...

vlan10 communicate only vlan20 ,vla30,vlan40,vlan50 but vlan 20,vlan30,vlan40,vlan 50 not communicate each other .

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Re: inter vlan configure in 3550 switch

Just to clarify, you want vlan10 to be accessible from and to vlan20, vlan30, vlan40 and vlan50. But vlan20, vlan30, vlan40 and vlan50 should be isolated from each other?

If vlan10 is used for router, firewall or other gateway device then you may be able to achieve what you want by using Private VLAN.

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Re: inter vlan configure in 3550 switch

Inter VLANs traffic needs to be routed and hence pass through a Layer 3 device. That means you can use access-lists on the L3 device to permit and deny traffic to pass from one subnet (=VLAN) to another. The access-lists can be applied to the physical or logical (VLAN interfaces) you use.

Private VLANs create sub-VLANs within a VLAN and are usually better suited to apply traffic limitations between ports in the same VLAN. However, depending on what you actually want to achieve, Private VLANs may be a good, or better, solution if you now have created different VLANs for single hosts (but we would need more information about your requirement).

HTH, Thomas

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Re: inter vlan configure in 3550 switch

hi configure like this

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