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Interesting question

please analize this:

I'm trying to find the quickest way to locate a specific server (access switch) with a given hostname.

The server could be locate wherever in the corporate world wide network.

Please see the attachment (apologize for the poor design)

What I'm doing now is:

1) traceroute (as there are many datacenters).

With the traceroute I get the Ip of the "last" layer 3 device, in this case a cisco 6509E with MSFC.

2) Telnet into the "last hop" device

3) show ip route x.x.x.x

and this will give me the vlan number.

4) At this point I'm a littlebit lost, the only way I can think is to logon individually on every single access switch

(still 6509e but no MSFC in this case), and scroll down long list of ports...

but this is very time consuming and not really efficient.

Any other thoughts on how to quickly identify where a server is located given the hostname?

Thanks to read!


Re: Interesting question

Hi Friend,

You are right till reaching the last layer 3 hop. Now once you reach the last layer 3 hop use the command "sh ip arp " and note down the mac address.

Once you have the mac address run the command "sh mac-address-table address " and then you will get the port number on which that mac address is learned.

Now check that port if it is a trunk port run a command "sh cdp nei int detail" and you will get the ip address of the next device conneted to this port so log into the the nest switch and run the command again "sh mac-address-table address if it is an IOS device but if you are running catos run the command "sh cam and you will again get one port number.

That may be your pot number on which that server is connected if not it will again be a trunk port so repeat the same process till the time you reach the last port on which server is connected.

HTH, if yes please rate the post.


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