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Intermittent Connectivity due to route keeps flapping

I have an EIGRP WAN with 2 routers at each location. Each router at remote sites has a T1 connection to a MPLS WAN provider (one to AT&T and one to Sprint). And at HQ office and DR location I have one router with a 10M connection to AT&T and one router with 45M connection to Sprint. And Sprint is the primary connection between HQ and all remote sites due to the fact that Spint has a bigger pipe. The problem I am experiencing is that the route from HQ router to Sprint MPLS cloud keeps flapping and Sprint is saying there is a routing loop between the two networks. I having a hard time trying to pinpoint the problem when the two providers are playing finger pointing at each other.

can someone point me to the right direction on where start ?

has anybody ran into this issue before ? with similar WAN setup.

Thanks !!!



Re: Intermittent Connectivity due to route keeps flapping

As long as all of the routers are running EIGRP (and are in the same AD and can see each other), it should resolve the loop at L3.

Have you run any debugs to see what the cause of the flap is?

Which route(s) is/are flapping?

Check it out and let us know ....


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