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Intermittent slow access on network


We are having a setup something like this:

PC=>2950=>2620=>7200=>NAS box

Users are having intermittent slow response access files on the server. It is only file access which is slow. Apart from this, everything else seems to be normal.

Do anyone has come across such an issue and if so, any work arounds or solutions?

Thanks in advance.




Re: Intermittent slow access on network

Hi Shashi

do you have different classes of traffic (like voice/mission critical applications) being used in your network ?

Also any qos config been done starting in your edge till the 7200 Box ?

What i could sense from the topology as well from your query QOS might have been enabled and your Bulk file transfers may been given low priority..


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Re: Intermittent slow access on network

Hi Prem,

Thanks for your response.

There is no QOS enabled on our network. Surprizingly, we are having 2 spoke site facing this problem. And all other sites are fine.

Any suggestions or expert advice is appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


Re: Intermittent slow access on network

What do you mean file access. Is it FTP transfer that's slow? If it is, does any of the routers in the transit path have ACL configured or is there a firewall in between.

Re: Intermittent slow access on network

Have you checked the connections if there are packet drops?

If you are using file sharing, take note that they are vulnerable to virus infection. Majority of slow network access to file servers using file sharing protocol/service is cause by virus. To check, you can try using Free Online Scan from TrendMicro

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