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Intermittent Through-put Failure

We have recently installed 2 Cisco 1841 routers and a Cisco 2811 router. Previously this site was using a Avaya IP Office (which was installed by us) as their routers by now they are migrating to Cisco becuase of its ability to handle traffic more efficently. We are currently in our testing phase and our configurations are rather simple at this stage.

Attached are the configs for Sites 1,2 and 3. At Site 1, we have installed the Cisco 2811 router and at Site 2, a Cisco 1841 a week ago. What we have experienced that at times (actually twice till date) that there is no traffic being passed although we are able to ping Site 1 (or any machine on Site 1's LAN) from Site 2 and vise-versa. Also we haven't implemented any access-lists at this stage. At both occurrences, it stayed such till atleast mid-day and suddenly start working. At the moment I can not make out whether it is the leased line connecting the 2 sites, or is it the router or some configurations mismatch. Therefore, I need some guidance.

We are not Cisco specialists therefore I would really appreacite if someone could help me to sort this sort out as I need to sort this out before I get Site 3 connected to Site 1 because the configurations are similar.

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Re: Intermittent Through-put Failure

The first thing I noticed is that you use auto-summary and advertise the entire range via eigrp. Try to turn off auto-summary in the eigrp config and advertise only the native network sucht as from site 1, from site 2 etc. In the current set-up all traffic in the range is considered local regarding eigrp.

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