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Internet Access Design Help needed.

I'm kind of stumped so need some advice. My current setup is a pair of T-1s that go into a Cisco 2811 which in turn goes to an ASA 5510 then into our DMZ and our network.

We've run into a serious bandwidth issue so are making some serious upgrades so my new situation will be:

4 T-1s and 2 Cable Access points. The 4 T-1s will be connecting to an ADTran 4305 (provided by our ISP) and 2 Cable go into Comcast provided gateways into a switch.

What I need to do is combine these in the best manner possible. I was going to bring both to a FE WIC on the 2811 and create routing rules there but I'm pushing past the bandwidth capabilities of the 2811 I believe.

So then I'm thinking of bring all of them to one switch which then connects to the ASA 5510 and creating a series of routing rules there.

Suggestions? Comments? I'm kind of lost.



Re: Internet Access Design Help needed.

Couple of design questions.

Are you concerned about failure?

Reason I ask is with what you are wanting to do, bandwidth, I would look at two products, either a Burstable DS3 or Ethernet from your provider.

What you get is the ability to expand your bandwith rather quickly without having to order anything extra.

If you go with Ethernet the 2811 should fit the bill.

If you go with DS-3 then I would suggest a 3800 series router.

If your requirement is for multiple links for redundancy and failover then you should still look at the 3800 series router. I would ask if you can bind the 4 T-1's together too, this will give you a 6Mb link, instead of 4 1.5Mb links.

I believe the 4 T-1's on the 2811 will work, I am afraid of the processing and memory consumption, unless you are strictly running static routes or if running BGP only receiving default routes.


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