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Internet connection troubles with cisco 877W

Hi peoples, i'm hoping someone can assist as i really am at the end of my tether. Ive recently moved home and started using the cisco 877w for my adsl connection, previous on a cable modem. My 877w keeps disconnecting, as in no pages on my wired or wireless devices. I am running c870-advipservicesk9-mz.151-4.M3.bin, from what ive noticed the ATM light stays lit, so i assumed it was the dialer interface disconnecting, ive added in persistant dialing, but doesnt seem to have mate a hoot of different, could somene check out my config and my diagnostic outputs and possibly show me the way forward......maybe i need a different ios i dont know, the different ios versions confuse me.... See below

i can provide the 'show dsl interface' output at request.

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Hi,How often is your


How often is your connection dropping?

Your config looks ok after a quick look.

The following, however, caught my eye:

It looks like you have a downstream issue (capacity 96%, FEC errors). I would log a call with your ISP service desk first of all.

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Hi DavidI had the same issue

Hi David

I had the same issue with my 887w, in the end it was not the cisco it was bad BT line.

Give your ISP a call and ask the to chenge SNR mirhaing manually, your speed wil be decreased but conection will be stable. 

In my case this has solved an issue 




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