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Internet peering

We receive our Internet through a service provider who has AS Number. We are currently looking at securing our own AS number too but our Internet pipe will still come through this service provider. We wish to establish IP peering with yahoo, google and msn, since they represent our highest market reach. Can somebody suggest the best approach to achieve our goals? Which kind of router will fit this project and how do I design the network considering that my present network is on static routes but I need to migrate to BGP?

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Re: Internet peering

What can I suggest, even before looking at the technical side, approach these entities and check if they are willing to set direct traffic exchange with you.

You can solve the technical matter in a variety of ways, BGP or no BGP, but before getting there, a reality check on costs and conditions of "peering" is necessary.

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Re: Internet peering

Balance between cost and objective.

This approach will meet your objective but costly.

1. Will Yahoo, Google, and MSN peer with you directly? What will be the cost (line and peering)?

2. If they peer with you directly, consider redundancy - that is having two connection for each, equals to six. This will double the cost for each peer.

3. What type of line they allow you to connect to them? ATM, Serial, FE? This will determine what router you have to purchase.

4. Geographically, how far are they to you? This is important to include in the cost of the line.

This approach will also meet your objective but is more cost effective.

1. Find out Yahoo, Google, and MSN AS Numbers.

2. Find out the Carriers or ISP which is directly connected to them.

3. Find out the type of line that you can connect to those ISPs/Carriers.

4. Having connection to ISPs/Carriers is much better because they allow AS transit which you may need only one connection per ISP/Carrier. A minimum of two is recommended for redundancy.

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