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Internet router/firewall Equipment question


I want to provide a seperate "Public Internet" to the IT department and any Vendors that might come to our Main Campus. We have many areas in our Main Campus building that don't have cell service so Vendors can't use their air cards and the Sys Admins want to be able to download large files from the Internet without disrupting normal business. I'm going to be using standalone 1260s with a 5505 Firewall. The firewall has 2 PoE ports and allows 3 VLANs but my license is only for 10 concurrent connections from inside to outside interface. Can I get an license upgrade for this firewall? Or, is his a hardware upgrade?  Also, will I be able to create an outside interface VLAN for the Internet, an Inside interface for IT staff and a DMZ interface for Vendors and not allow the DMZ VLAN to communicate with the Inside VLAN but be able to get to the Internet? I've heard there is some limitations regarding the DMZ VLAN.

Also, should I be looking at another device to do what I want - say like an 880 router?

Thanks, Pat.

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