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    I have a requirement of giving intenet access over satellite. I have an ADSL line with 6 Live Ip address. ( to 206) the gw is .201. If I configure any PC with this address you can access intenet. Now for a testing I want give internet over  satellite on same IP. the scenario is like this:-

router(eth fa0/0) is connected to the ADSL router with Ip address and it is up and running.

The router  in turn is connected with HSSI interface with Modem.

The remote is also the same configuration.

Modem HSSI is connected with Router and ethernet is connected with PC.

I am bit confused, how i can assign the same ip address in the remote PC to give internet access.

Can Any body help me please.


Re: Internet


If the requirement is to have 1 ip address for 2 interfaces then you can make use of ip unnumbered command.

create a loopback and configure with the .201 ip and when you have to create the interfaces for DSL/Satellite configure ip unnumbered command followed by the loopback interface name.

But in real time scenario it may not work if the links are availed from 2 different service providers since the service providers will have their own ip address scheme and will have their own advertisement/routing policy they wont be routing the ip address scheme of other service providers in their network.


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Re: Internet

Hi Kumar,

Thanks for the answer. IP Unnumbered will work for the HSSI, so The same Ehternet IP will be shared by HSSI serial Interface (say for Router A) where I am connecting the Public IP. But what about remote side (say Router B). How I can assign the Same group of IP in the PC  to be able to access the internet from remotely (with same range of IP address)

There is no other service proider in the other side (router B).

is there any way

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