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Interpreting the output of the "debug atm events" command

We have a Cisco 837 connected to an ADSL line which has recently been experiencing problems with dropped connections and low line rates.

The ISP/telco have investigated several times, carried out diagnostics, and things have improved temporarily - before soon becoming problematic again.

I captured some output from the "debug atm events" command and wondered if someone could help me interpret?

From the info I've been able to find on this output, I understand that 0x8 means the modem is waiting to hear from exchange and 0x10 means the modem has heard and is now training up, attempting to negotiate a connection.

But what do some of the other things in there mean and is there anything to indicate what is causing our connectivity problems?

Specifically, I was wondering about:

Jun 1 14:39:54.411: LOCAL:Max noise margin for power cutoff 31

Jun 1 14:40:26.823: DSL: Received response: 0x22

Jun 1 14:40:36.823: DSL: Trying to bring up DSL line using Embedded firmware version : 3.9.220

Jun 1 14:42:02.767: DSL: Open failed: Handshake or init message invalid or had bad CRC -- retrying

Jun 1 14:43:04.715: DSL: Defect: LOS LOF LCDi LOM: retraining

However, I have attached a full log of debug during one of the periods of intermittent connectivity.

If anyone can help interpret this output and give any pointers as to where the problem may be then this would be very much appreciated!


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