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IOS 12.4 837 memory requirement?

Hi there. We have a 837 router, one of the older ones that has 32MB of fixed RAM, and an addtional 16 MB in the slot.

I see that the upgrades to 12.4 require a minimum of 64MB RAM - which the new 837's have. What can I do with this 837? I cannot see how to get the RAM larger than the 48MB that I have :-(

Any advice greatfully recieved.



Re: IOS 12.4 837 memory requirement?

I think you will have to get the new 837, which comes with 64Mb dram. Not sure if you can upgrade the 32 MB to 64 Mb on the existing one.

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Re: IOS 12.4 837 memory requirement?

I've tried on three c837's to install C820-32D 32MB DRAM DIMM however it only reports 48mb. While loading the IOS image during boot it gets most of the way through then crashes. Surely the older c837's support this, perhaps via a boot rom upgrade. It would be disgraceful of cisco to obsolete a whole truckful of routers just because they didn't forward-plan the memory upgrade path... let's hope.



Re: IOS 12.4 837 memory requirement?

If you read trough this You'll see that the 837(I) came with 32MB onboard and a upgrade of 16MB (MEM820-16D=) for a total of 48MB.

the 837(II) comes with 64MB onboard and 16MB upgrade, for a total of 80MB.

I guess maybe the RAM socket doesn't support more then 16MB.

Maybe someone a Cisco has something clever to say about this problem?


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