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IOS upgrad on a 7206 VXR

Hey Guys,

I have to do an IOS upgrade on one of my 7206 VXR routers tonight and I've already downloaded the IOS

My question is this. Once I've uploaded it to the router what are the commands so that the router will boot off the new IOS and if something goes wrong, the router will go back to the old IOS?

Is it simply putting in two boot statements like this:

router(config)#boot system disk2:"NewIOSIMAGE.bin"

router(config)#boot system disk2:OLDIOSIMAGE.bin

Or am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance.


Re: IOS upgrad on a 7206 VXR

As long you have enough space in disk2 to fit two ios images you should be fine with your example boot statements, make sure you do indeed have enough space by issuing show disk2 and note available space to compare with new image file size.

boot system disk2:NewIOSIMAGE.bin

boot system disk2:OLDIOSIMAGE.bin

it is correct with the above statement that newIOSIAGE.bin will be loaded, if for any reason say image is corrupted second boot statement will take precedance. If new image is loaded and you need to go back to old image for whatever reason you need to change your boot statement to load OLDIOSIMAGE first with a router reload.



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Re: IOS upgrad on a 7206 VXR

hmmm looks like there isn't enough space.

This means I'll have to delete the current IOS image and load the new one and hope it works.

Any advice here?

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Re: IOS upgrad on a 7206 VXR

it's fairly easy to recover from a bad IOS update using ROMMON, so I wouldn't worry too much :)

Just make sure you make a backup copy of the IOS currently on the router,

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