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IOS version for 2651XM Router to support a WIC-1ADSL card

I'm new to this forum and Cisco networking in general but need some help with a 2651XM Router I've got that I'm thinking of putting a WIC-1ADSL card into. The question I have is about the card and if the version of IOS currently on the router will support it for what I want it to do. At the moment that is to allow hosts on an internal network access to browse the Internet with one of the hosts being a server hosting a website. Its IOS version is 12.4(2)T.

If I go ahead with the card, I guess I'll need to put my firewall (PIX 501) behind the Router with a static route to it on it. Is this the csae?

Thank you all for your help in advance. If there are important things I should consider with this, as yet, simple high level configuration, by all means offer them here. If I can clarify anything, please ask and I'll do my best. Also, many apologies if my framing questions and replies is not the same as you would get from an experienced network professional.



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Re: IOS version for 2651XM Router to support a WIC-1ADSL card

Hello Pat,

you are wellcome

There is a free access tool named Feature navigator

you can access it at

you can then select your platform 2650 -2651 XM and major release or you can paste the image name and seach by image name

you can find image name in the sh ver

or you can search by feature


then specify the platform and then the release

there are multiple feature sets

but for example in advanced enteprise services yes but also in enteprise base

You can see if it supported: if you insert the WIC and the router recognizes it.

chances are very good.

Hope to help


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Re: IOS version for 2651XM Router to support a WIC-1ADSL card

Hi Pat,

You'll need one of these IOS version.

- 12.2(8)YN

- 12.3(2)T or later

- 12.4 or later

You can find more details in

Or you can do it in the simple way: just connect it to your router and look at your 'sh version'.

But, as you have a 12.4(2)T version, it will be ok.

To permit internal network to access the internet, you'll need NAT.

And yes. You'd better to put your firewall behind the router.


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