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IP Flow Export

CAn you please tell me the usage of the following commands. And also suggest if removing this might hamper the router functionality in any way, as my ROuter has been hanging frequently.

ip flow-export source Ethernet0/0

ip flow-export version 5

ip flow-export destination x.x.x.x 9992

Awaiting your reply


Re: IP Flow Export

All of those commands relate to NetFlow functionality and the removal of them will impact collection of NetFlow statistics. If,however, you are not interested in NetFlow anymore, it should be safe to remove them. Even if you are using NetFlow, removing these command will not hamper the router; it will only hamper your ability to collect NetFlow data.

Hope that helps - pls rate the post if it does.


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Re: IP Flow Export

THanx for the response. Also there is a ip directed-broadcast command on the Ethernet 0/0 interface. WHat is the use of this command?? And will that effect the router if i remove it?

Iam using IOS version Version 12.2(17a).

Awaiting your reply.

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Re: IP Flow Export

PLease reply to the Query. Would highly appreciate that.

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Re: IP Flow Export

The ip directed-broadcast command enables forwarding of directed broadcast. For example if a router interface had and received a packet addresses to that would be a directed broadcast. Should the router forward this onto the local subnet as a broadcast? In current versions of IOS the forwarding of directed broadcasts is disabled by defualt. This command enables forwarding of directed broadcasts.

Directed broadcast has some implications from a security perspective and in general I believe that disabling directed broadcasts is appropriate in most networks. There are some situations where you may need this functionality. So the command is there to enable it.

I would not expect directed broadcast to have much impact on the router. It might have more impact on the stations on the LAN interfaces which may see an increase in broadcast traffic.



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