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ip ospf transmit-delay and bandwidtht

Hi Guys,

We have a OSPF network connected by high speed metro links. However, the multicast traffic is severely limited by the provider (512k).

So the result is a lot retransmissions, adjacency resets etc.

So I am trying to come up with a way to limit the rate at which OSPF sends its traffic. I know the command does age the LSAs before sending them, but is this all it does, or does it actually affect bandwidht consumption?


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Re: ip ospf transmit-delay and bandwidtht


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Assuming you cannot increase our multicast cap, it might be possible to shape multicast traffic (your provider might only be policing it).

Another possible solution might be to change OSPF network usage to support NBMA.  I think the latter doesn't use multicast, and if it doesn't, it wouldn't be limited to your multicast bandwidth cap.

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Re: ip ospf transmit-delay and bandwidtht

Thanks, no we cannot increase the cap (we have tried). I originally had a look at NBMA, but found the edge switch at our main site does not support it on ethernet interfaces, only broadcast and point to point. In the mean time we decided to replace OSPF with EIGRP with static neighbors, but before making such a rash decision, just want to cover all the bases. To support EIGRP (the Nexus switches does not support static neighbors either) we hade to move certain switches to the edge. But I found out now all the 4500s and 3750s we will have on the edge does support NBMA on the ethernet interfaces. Thanks for the suggestion, it made me relook at that and found we might get away with it.


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