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New Member

ip sla reaction-configuration question

My goal is to have "track 111" go from up to down in the event of three successive ping losses. I wish the configuration guide had some more simple examples. Anyhow - when I run "show ip sla reaction-trig 1" IOS responds "Reaction trigger not configured" I don't understand why not. And I'm not clear if my end-goal of track going down on 3 losses is met. Any ip sla masters on here??

track 111 rtr 1

ip sla 1


frequency 30

ip sla reaction-configuration 1 react rtt threshold-type consecutive 3 action-type trapAndTrigger

ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now

Cisco2811ILG#sho ip sla reaction-configuration

Entry number: 1

Index: 1

Reaction: rtt

Threshold Type: Consecutive

Rising (milliseconds): 5000

Falling (milliseconds): 3000

Threshold CountX: 3

Threshold CountY: 5

Action Type: Trap and trigger

Cisco2811ILG#sho ip sla reaction-trigger

Entry number: 1

Reaction trigger not configured

Cisco2811ILG#sho ip sla statistics

Round Trip Time (RTT) for Index 1

Latest RTT: 16 milliseconds

Latest operation start time: *13:26:31.017 EST Thu Mar 5 2009

Latest operation return code: OK

Number of successes: 28

Number of failures: 0

Operation time to live: Forever


Re: ip sla reaction-configuration question


Change your react from rtt to timeout

I have simplfied the config a bit from yours so don't copy it (my timers are very low), but mine works

ip sla monitor 1

type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho

timeout 1

frequency 3

ip sla monitor reaction-configuration 1 react timeout

ip sla monitor schedule 1 life forever start-time now

Router#sh ip sla monitor statistics

Round trip time (RTT) Index 1

Latest RTT: NoConnection/Busy/Timeout

Latest operation start time: *19:46:33.155 UTC Thu Mar 5 2009

Latest operation return code: Timeout

Number of successes: 1

Number of failures: 20

Operation time to live: Forever

Router#sh ip sla monitor reaction-configuration

Entry number: 1

Reaction: timeout

Threshold Type: Never

Threshold Count: 5

Threshold Count2: 5

Action Type: None

New Member

Re: ip sla reaction-configuration question

Thank-you. So in your example it appears that an ICMP timeout is defined as 1 second with no reply and then monitor operation runs with a frequency of every 3 seconds. And your reaction config is saying if there are 5 timeouts then then fail. Correct?

Re: ip sla reaction-configuration question


It's 1 ms with no reply.

I think your issue is down to the fact that you where using round trip times rather than timeout (react rtt).

I am allowing 5 timeouts before alerting ( the default), you can amend this with threshold-type .

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