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IP SLA - Threshold versus Timeout

I am consistantly confused concerning the timeout and threshold settings when configuring IP SLA's. Can someone please clarify the difference between these two fields?

Let's use the following example:

I have two WAN routes of approximately equal bandwidth and speed (one is a 100Mb/s TLS, the other is a portion of an OC12 with compression equaling approximately 100Mb/s). The configuration should not be load balanced (i.e. no equal cost routing). The applications that run through these WAN links are unable to tolerate more than 6 or 7 seconds of link loss. I am using ASDM to configure the route monitoring options, and the device is an ASA5550.

If I wanted to have a maximum wait time before failing over to the other link of 5 seconds, what would my thrsehold and time out settings be, and why set them that way?

I would appreciate any assistance provided.


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