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IP subnetting with RIP2

Now we are using class C ip addressing at head off & branches. All Branches are connected throught Lease Line with Head off. All Routers are using RIP1 for dynamic routing. Now host is going to increase more then 254 so we wants to change with Class C ip addressing scheme with Class B. We will use RIP2 for new setup. I am attaching the file for Class B IP Addressing, pls guide me. It will work properly na. what we need to reconfigure in router??? Waiting for urs reply.



Re: IP subnetting with RIP2

note1:if users will increase only in HO, just change the IPs in HO.

note2:keep the serial interfaces IPs. the ones you suggest are in conflict with HO IPs.

so the config will be like this in HO:

interface f0

ip add

interface s0/0/0

ip add

router rip

version 2



no auto-summary

if i was in your place i will remove dynamic routing, add just one default route in each brach and x static routes in the HO router and enjoy peace in mind :-)

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Re: IP subnetting with RIP2

yes only at head off users will increase so how to give plan for head off LAN IP's OR

if we wants to change hole ip scheme of network pls make one excel sheet & brief me.

you said that serial ip will conflict???

one more thing customer wants dynamic routing.


Re: IP subnetting with RIP2

i suggest you just change IPs in HO. keep all the remaining as it is.

when configuring rip in HO don't forget to add the new network 172.16.....

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Re: IP subnetting with RIP2

Hi ohassairi,

Thanks for urs prompt responce. But their is 3 branches which hv lack of IP's so any how i have to go for class B for hole network.

I hv confusion abt serial ip's for all branch router as well as for head off. we areplanning to use RIP2. pls make one excel sheet for ip address scheme & post it.

waiting for urs reply.



Re: IP subnetting with RIP2

the subnet that you choose for lan in HO is from --> so all these Ip must be used by hosts in internal LAN.

however, we note you choose the IP for one serial interface. this ip belongs to --> and cannot be used by an other network in your diagram.

look for rule nbr4 in this link

so i suggest you keep your existing wan addressing (look at sheet). or you can choose an other subnet begining from

pls rate if it helps.

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