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ip unnumbered issues

has anybody experienced any issues using ip unnumbered on their interfaces?...we just recently experience an issue with that...where users drives would not map when logging in to the network, unable to access email, even though the network was still reachable...found out from the ISP, they noticed issues with other customers using ip unnumbered on their cct...they really didnt go into detail of why it happens....they just ask the cust to put an ip to that interface...once that happened all the issues went away...

any thoughts?

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Re: ip unnumbered issues


I believe that the use of ip unnumbered is less common than it was at some times in the past. But it still works. It is difficult to say much without knowing more about your issue. In general I would say that I have used ip unnumbered without having problems with it. I have customers who have used ip unnumbered in production networks and have not had problems with it.

Perhaps there are some issues with particular ways to try to use ip unnumbered. But we do not know how you were trying to use it. So there is not much that we can say about your problem.



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Re: ip unnumbered issues

yeah...thanks for you input...just curious if anybody exp the same issue...

thanks again

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