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Ipsla for timeout

Hello All,

I want to configure IP sla for one of my WAN link so that when i get packetloss to next hop i should recieve a trap. The configuration below works only for one time later on i dont recieve any traps.

ip sla 10

icmp-jitter source-ip

frequency 30

ip sla schedule 10 life forever start-time now

ip sla reaction-configuration 10 react timeout threshold-type xOfy 1 16 action-type trapOnly

ip sla logging traps

snmp-server enable traps syslog

Also in sh ip sla statistics output can i get explanation of the line marked on bold

R1#sh ip sla statistics
IPSLAs Latest Operation Statistics

IPSLA operation id: 10
Type of operation: icmp-jitter
        Latest RTT: 34 milliseconds
Latest operation start time: 09:30:00 UTC Sat Aug 10 2013
Latest operation return code: OK
RTT Values:
        Number Of RTT: 7                RTT Min/Avg/Max: 12/34/72 milliseconds
Latency one-way time:
        Number of Latency one-way Samples: 0
        Source to Destination Latency one way Min/Avg/Max: 0/0/0 milliseconds
        Destination to Source Latency one way Min/Avg/Max: 0/0/0 milliseconds
Jitter Time:
        Number of SD Jitter Samples: 4
        Number of DS Jitter Samples: 4
        Source to Destination Jitter Min/Avg/Max: 4/15/32 milliseconds
        Destination to Source Jitter Min/Avg/Max: 8/12/20 milliseconds
Packet Late Arrival: 0
Out Of Sequence: 0
        Source to Destination: 0        Destination to Source 0
        In both Directions: 0
Packet Skipped: 0       Packet Unprocessed: 0
Packet Loss: 3
        Loss Periods Number: 3
        Loss Period Length Min/Max: 1/1
        Inter Loss Period Length Min/Max: 1/3
Number of successes: 12
Number of failures: 14
Operation time to live: Forever



Cisco Employee

Re: Ipsla for timeout


Do you want continues receiving trap until correct action is performed, or do you want receive trap every time when the state changes from reachable to unreachable?

Lei Tian

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Community Member

Ipsla for timeout

Hi Lei,

I would want to recieve traps every time  packet drops are observed while pinging the nexthop(Monitorring the performance of link). 



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