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IPv6 Connection

Hi..This is Faisal. I am actually new with the router and its configuration. Right now i have one question but i believe we guys won?t laugh for my question. I will be really glad to get ur kind response.

The thing is I am currently using Cisco 2600, very old version of router for my IPv6 experiments. Among its four interfaces i am using FastEthereal 0/0 and FastEthereal 0/1. From the first interface (0/0) i already made an IPv6 tunnel configuration through our ISP who provides IPv6 services. It was great...and i could ping all of the IPv6 world wide network through that particular interface successfully.

Now.....i want to use my other interface (FastEthernet 0/1) to connect with any one of the PC (Dual-Stack) from my created test-bed. Therefore I used a cross cable to connect one of my PC with the Interface (0/1) and after changes the configuration in that interface (0/1) i was also able to ping IPv6 world through the command line from MY PC side. Means everything till this stage works fine.

But....when i was trying to browse those site through FireFox (IPv6 supported browser) from my PC.....none of the page i could open. Every time it was saying page can't display. Immediately i tried to ping from my PC (command line), to the site which i want to brows......the result was successful......Right now I am thinking that i may missed some options therefore our ISP?s DNS6 is not supporting.

Can any one plz help me to know the reason? If that is my problem then can u plz tell me how can i configure that (0/1) interface so that i can browse IPv6 site from my PC, without touching the Interface (0/0)?

Thank u

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Re: IPv6 Connection

It sounds like the issue could be with DNS resolution. Can you tell me if you use hostnames or IPv6 addresses when you ping?


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