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Is 7mb cable internet sufficent for 60 to 70 user for email & internet

I have been struggling with this one. I have a calemodem with a 7mb download speed. I want to share this connection with between 60 and 70 users mainly for internet surfing and email. Assumming want to maintain a performance of around 128K (plus or minus 20K) for each user. What do I need to look for in a router? Do I need to seek a higher speed ISP?

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Re: Is 7mb cable internet sufficent for 60 to 70 user for email

No you will be more than fine!

Many people have far less bandwidth and far more users.

What you can do is implement WFQ via MQC so you will provide fair queuing. You use

"shape average" statement to plug in what bandwidth you want the qos to go by. Say your interface is 100Mbps to the cable modem (or even 10Mbps) You simply tell WFQ the outbound and inbound bandwidth.

WFQ will prevent one guy doing a big download from slowing everyone else down. I would also look into dropping junk traffic early at the router.

shoot me an email and I'll send you the qos configs..

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