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is GZIP compression suported on ACE module ACE10-6500-K9?


i'd like to know if compression is suported on the ACE modules ACE10-6500-K9.

I'd like to off load this ussing gzip for example on the ACE modules.

I have not been able to find any related info on this any info would be appreciated.



Re: is GZIP compression suported on ACE module ACE10-6500-K9?

Optimization includes hardware-accelerated GZIP and deflate compression and patented delta encoding. GZIP and deflate compression provide significant byte savings on transmitted files. For example, text-based file sizes can be reduced up to 80 percent. The Cisco ACE 4710 appliance achieves speeds up to 1 Gbps for compression. The Cisco delta encoding technology enables the Cisco ACE 4710 appliance to send only the difference (or deltas) between a previous and new instance of a webpage. Without this technology, subsequent visits to a webpage require the client to download the entire HTML page, even though typically only a small percentage of the content has changed.

The ACE XML Gateway compresses qualifying responses using the GZIP compression format.

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Re: is GZIP compression suported on ACE module ACE10-6500-K9?

Thanks for your comments. The Cisco ACE 4710 definetlly support these features. I have since then that the actual ACE10-6500-K9 modules do not currentlly support the compression but cisco are working on implementing this on the near future. The software is now on a beta version.

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